The Lost O'Reilly Articles

This is a pair of articles I wrote for, using jicyshout as sample code. Right as I submitted them, Sun took MP3 support out of JMF, effectively killing jicyshout and thus these articles about it.

These were never published and maybe it's technically incorrect to even call them O'Reilly articles. But they came from a request to write something for them in advance of the 2002 Mac OS X conference, so I figure they probably would have run.

Anyways, though unedited and somewhat dated (ID3's website is up again, while icecast has dumped mp3 in favor of Ogg Vorbis, making it jicy-incompatible), they present a high-level overview of how jicyshout works, and how the various tagging schemes it supports work. Hope someone enjoys them!

--Chris (invalidname)

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2